Monday, November 10, 2014

Sending out an SOS!

I am sending out an SOS.  

This happens about twice a year for me.  I get involved in everything I possibly can (because that's what this job needs and deserves) and get emotionally invested in all of it.  I work my "side" job as a church musician which usually takes over my weekends.  This weekend had a wedding, our school auction, and all on the tail end of a week that I couldn't have found another second in if I tried.

I give up.

I cannot do it all.  I am not 16 years old.  I am 34, and I am tired.  Time for a break.

The auction is finally over, there is finally time to breathe.  Time for a break.  I need to get back to writing (because I want to), exercising (because I NEED to) and just slowing down a bit.  This week will be an 8-5 ONLY Principal week.  No evening meetings, no rehearsals.  Just a slight break so we can focus on what is really important and what comes next.

Do you need a break?  How and when do you take it?  As Ice Cube said: "Check yourself before you wreck yourself."  Be proactive.  We worry about everyone else, be sure to take a little time to worry about yourself, too.  

I guess it's more of a white flag than an SOS, but either way - thanks for the help :)