Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 2 #SAVMP - My Vision For the School

My Vision For the School - #SAVMP Week 2

As a new administrator, this has been on my list of things to think about since I was hired.  Our school is a small Catholic school, Pre-K to 8th grade, but relatively low enrollment.  Not "low enrollment" like "in danger of closing."  Just a small school.  Last year there were 4 principals.  This year there are 4 (out of 10) new teachers due to retirement and one who has a job in a public school.  It is a wonderful school with a rich history, but if there is going to be a change in the culture and/or vision of the school, now is the time to do it.

I have to admit, I very much enjoyed watching the video that was posted on George Couros' blog (  If you haven't seen it, Seth Godin discusses the difference between what education used to look like and what it looks like now (or at least what it should.)  It is about 16 minutes and well worth every second.

The mission for our school is "Pray, Work, Study, Play and Serve Others in Christ's Name."  We are implementing a 1:1 iPad program this year, Pre-K to 8th grade and are so very excited to have the opportunity to bring these devices to the students.  We are looking forward to teaching the students not only what the information they need to learn is, but also how to find it and how to utilize technology to research even further.

My vision for the school is that it be a place where the teachers are empowered to teach and lead in their classrooms.  They can utilize technology to the fullest and help the students to learn how to learn instead of just memorizing facts.  The classes will be collaborative and the students will understand what it means to truly work together.  They will have every opportunity that they deserve to have and that we can give them.  We truly have a remarkable staff, and I know that they will be able to do wonderful things this year and beyond.  My vision for the school is that they are always able to do that.  "The object of teaching a child is to enable him to get along without a teacher."  - Elbert Hubbard.