Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 3 - Starting Off Right #SAVMP

Starting Off Right

I think that just about every new principal, teacher, administrator, etc. always thinks they will be the ones to break the mold.  We think that those we lead will know that they are around greatness.  That nothing has ever been done before as we are able to do it now, and IT WILL WORK.

This year, my teachers will have concrete expectations from me from day 1.  They will know what I expect their lesson plans to look like, how their standards should be labeled, when I should receive their paperwork, what their classrooms should look like, and the dress code they are expected to follow.  They will feel comfortable with what is expected and what they should know.  The handbook will be complete and have everything they could possibly need.  I'm sure your back-to-school list as a new administrator looks just like mine....

Back to real life.  I am a new administrator.  I will make mistakes.  I will grow from them.  I will upset some people.  I will fix it.  There is no possible way this year will be perfect.  But I will try and I will be proud of myself for doing it.