Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brainstorming and Drafts (2/30 Blogging Challenge)

I am very glad that Akevy (@Akevy613) started us on this blogging challenge after the interview with Kelly Tenkely (@Ktenkely) on PrincipalCast last week.  For some of us, the challenge is simply sitting down to write daily.  It's been a struggle for me in the past but it is something I truly need to do for myself.  I am glad this challenge started!  Though I have not spent a lot of time blogging thus far (this is my second post due to a stomach virus) I have been working on it in parts that have not yet been published.  I have been much more conscious of writing down ideas that may possibly become blog posts. 


I utilize Drafts by Agile Tortoise for my iPad and iPhone.  It is by far the best app I have found for capturing and saving information.  Once you create a draft, you can send it to OmniFocus, Evernote, Twitter, FaceBook, and many other apps.  It truly is the missing link between the iPhone/iPad and everything else in the universe ;)

What is your favorite catch-all for brainstorming?  

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