Friday, July 25, 2014

When did Social Media become THE place for debate? (Blog a Day 1/30)

The other day, I posted a Common Core (CCSS) video (embedded below) by Kelly Tenkely (@ktenkely) on my Facebook profile. I know that CCSS is a hot topic for a lot of people. I understand that it is something that incites anger in some people. See the original post below. Within 5 minutes, the first response was a HUGE debate, talking about the deficiencies and mentioning that they were sure the video did not address them. It continued about the same way for the duration of the comment. Unfortunately, the debate continued within the comments.

Like I said, I understand COMPLETELY that this is a sore subject. In fact, I specifically said I wasn't looking for a debate. Only sharing information. When did Social Media become THE place for debate? Yes, it is more safe than in person, it is easier when you're typing as the pressure is much less. I just have a really hard time when I specifically ASKED for there to not be a debate, and the first response was just that.

The person who responded has had a very difficult time with the CCSS implementation in their district. They have since pulled their students and have been home schooling. I understand the difficulty. I REALLY do. I just don't understand this.

Just so this is clear: I mean this person NO ill will. I understand the difficulties behind the subject. This was just a good example of what I have seen lately. Be it comments on a news article, responses to a status, etc. It happens everywhere. I enjoy myself a good debate, but sometimes I just want to share information.

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