Friday, December 5, 2014

To Block or Not to Block.....

This week a conversation came up in a meeting with some parents from my school.  The question was regarding Newsstand on Apple's iPad devices.  The issue is this: there is no way to block it unless you restrict all access to the App store.  This creates obvious problems for school time when students are trying to download the educational apps for class.

Solution: teachers send home which apps are to be downloaded for the next day.  Not a huge deal.  Right?

The reason for the Newsstand restriction IS a good one.  The app allows covers of all magazines and a preview before you purchase them.  Our Catholic school students then have access to the covers and first few pages of magazines which they should not be accessing for free.  The covers are censored.

The educator in me says that if we teach them appropriately they will use it appropriately.  The parent in me says if we restrict it, they will find it more interesting.  The level-headed me says that these are school devices and I can understand the restrictions.

What are your thoughts on this?  I have already contacted Apple regarding the blocking of Newsstand (or even option to restrict) and no answer as of yet.