Saturday, September 7, 2013

The first week is over #SAVMP #EdBDaily

I spent a TON of my time today putting out fires (figuratively of course!), answering parent concerns and handling building/scheduling/budgetary issues.  I guess this is what administration is ACTUALLY about, right?  A day in the life of an administrator, or "it's lonely at the top."

I'm kidding, I love this job.  Even a week in, it's awesome.  Today was an odd day - it was like the first three days everyone let me settle in to the schedule, and on day 4, it was time to hit me with the hard stuff.  It's ok - I can handle it!

Especially since it's Friday, there are 2 days to regroup, and a Michigan football game in my future.

Ahhh….the first week is over and we've all survived.